• Camp Mack River Run 2022 - June 16-18

    One Of The Largest Events Of The Summer

    The Camp Mack River Run is approaching in a week, and it looks like the attendance is going to be massive.

    The event takes place at Camp Mack in Lake Wales, FL and its organizer, Josh Pomerleau made this one of the best river run events of the year. Aside from the perfect water conditions for fast running, the event will feature a live band, fireworks, and even air conditioning for the indoor banquet! All the bases are covered here for sure!

    Myself and Jeff Girardi will be at the event to shoot videos and photos, and I will also be live-streaming coverage on our YouTube; Facebook, and Instagram channels. Jeff will also be adding photos to his Instagram channel as well. Jeff will be on-site to provide prints.

    We will be setting up a large TV so that photos and videos from the event could be viewed while we eat dinner that evening. A launch ramp is right on the location, and there is also fuel available if needed. For more information, contact Josh Pomerleau at 407-535-0089.

    Below you will find photos from the previous Camp Mack event, which gives a very good idea of the scale of this event.

    These fantastic photos are from Jeff Girardi at Freeze Frame Video. This is like the spiritual offspring to the incredible River Ranch events, which I consider to be among the very best all-around experiences I've had at events.

    Prints of the below photos are available at 123freeze.com.

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