• Amazing HydroStream Restoration

    HydroStream V-King Returns to Metalflake Glory!

    Classic HydroStream boats are all old now, and most of them are at a point where they need serious restoration to bring them back to their original state of glory. Like any restoration of a classic vehicle, the result is truly a statement of the talent and resourcefulness of the restorers.

    I don't think anybody here that knows Ronnie Holzmacher knows how incredible these photos will be. I've known Ronnie over 20 years and I'm always amazed by his work, and being that he did his magic on a HydroStream, that made me pretty excited. Brian Carhart replaced the floor and stringers, and I hope Brian and Ronnie will jump in here with more details. When was the last time you saw metalflake that awesome? I just love metalflake!

    I pestered Ronnie a little to send me these photos because I knew you would all really like them, so look closely and you'll see some really incredible details. I especially like the transom plate with integrated cleat. Many of you here will know that I do not like tiebars, and I find the wraparound bracket solution to be much nicer. It just looks really clean.

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    1. kyja95's Avatar
      kyja95 -
      Looks awesome Ronnie does great work. Very happy with my stuff he did for me a couple years ago
    1. at100plus's Avatar
      at100plus -
    1. mragu's Avatar
      mragu -
      beyond perfect!!!!!!
    1. 99fxst99's Avatar
      99fxst99 -
      Awesome work Ronnie! What paint did you use? And what is the transom brace made of? That's a great solution.
    1. RONNIE's Avatar
      RONNIE -
      Thanks Everyone. Its not paint its Imron clear with flakes in it with just a little black dusted around the edges. Transom brace is 3x3x 3/8 thick 6061 aluminum. painted black Imron then hydrographed to look like carbon fiber.
    1. 99fxst99's Avatar
      99fxst99 -
      Nicely done!
    1. Triad166's Avatar
      Triad166 -
      It looks WAY better in person!
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