The Annual Shake the Lake Barge Party will be on Saturday July 10th. Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton WI. 1:30-5:30 PM

This is a great way to spend a summers day. 4 landings to put in. all lake obstacles marked. Nice sandy bottom. Lots of boats. Lots of pretty women and handsome Men.

Go to mapquest to see where we are. (Madison WI area. 20 minutes north of Koshkonong).

The band Rainbow Bridge plays on a barge just off the shore. We anchor our boats in 2-4ft water and its party time. This party has always been a great time with a well behaved crowd. Plenty of Kids, families and lots of singles.

Madison, WI has a chain of 4 lakes. Kegonsa is the last lake on the chain, 3200 acres 32ft deep. Its almost a round lake. Approx. 3 miles one way 2 miles another. Some of the shores are shallow. If you have a draft of 3ft of more, get a depth chart & be careful.

The Dane Co. Sheriff usually has a boat patroling the perimeter. Generally these guys are tolerant and nice. If you come, use your head, make sure you are legal. (Reg. Fire TX, PFD's Horn etc.).

Sunnyside Resort is right down the shore with food and drink and tent. Players with Big (30+) and Smaller fast boats show up to be seen and show off. If you decide to pair off with someone be careful! The lake will be busy!

For further info call 608 873 9696/ 608 873 6167 or Mike at Sunnyside Resort 608 873 9484