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    Gauge info for anyone who cares.

    I called this company today
    Found out the basic model with no EGTs or CHTs goes for $375 and this thing does just about all your gauges you need.
    Fuel pressure uses the 0-80 psi sender. You can use their pyros I think and get the package deal with 2 EGTs and 2 CHTs but those will need cobbling I think.

    Digits about 1/2" high in 2 levels so about a 1" high display total.
    6 items can be displayed, check out the web site if interested.
    The 4000 model allows you to program the pages the way you want but costs around $530. Also has 4 accesorry inputs.
    The 2000 with the altimeter option will do GPS speed so you can have a speedometer on it too for the $150 option. I guess knowing your altitude might be usefull if you blow over? Or why the boat ain't performing at the top of the mountains.
    You have to tell them you want GPS and not barometric pressure.
    Also you still need the receiver which a handheld will do.

    I'm still a bit confuse so I have to E-mail them about the 4000 and 2000 I would like to program the pages myself and have GPS. Cost will finally decide that issue.
    Good the gif came out. When I printed out pages from thier site this picture appeared life size. I used my finger as a scale.FInger over finger. The pict on my screen appears larger than life though.
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