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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutz View Post
    I have square one on right side...
    Well there's a bit of V6 trivia I didn't know. My 2.0/150 has a peanut/figure eight pump on the starboard side, and my 2.4/200 has a square pump on the port side. Might have something to do with the2.4/200 being a 1990 and the 2.0/150 being a 1987? :shrugs:

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    Seems like a fuel delivery issue.
    I would start by disconnecting before the quick connect and check fuel flow by pumping the fuel bulb. Reconnect and disconnect before stock fuel pump and check fuel bulb for flow. You stated your fuel pump was rebuilt, you also stated that your motor cleared up at WOT. If you haven't already done it, have someone check your fuel bulb as your testing for fuel pressure. If your motor cleared up after running in rough water, you might have to check your float bowl heights.
    Also, needle and seats don't last forever, especially with today's fuel. Are you running a single fuel tank or twins
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