mercury 175 xri 89-91 voltage regulator question, The original VR is the water cooled one 18736A21. i was getting high voltage on my motor, from time to time 17volts and sometimes low voltage and is not charging my battery. I suspect its the voltage regulator so i order a CDI conversion, stator and voltage regulator, : 194-8736K 1 Voltage Regulator Kit and 174-9610K2 stator, 4 yellow wires and 2 red and 2 grey on the voltage regulator, on my original VR it have an extra purple wire and the new one that came doesn't have one, so per the instructions that came with the new VR it stated that one short grey wire and the purple wire is not needed for the install, therefore i didn't plug in the purple wire that went to a post next to my switch boxes, now its starts up fine but i can hear a loud pop when i throttle up and seems to be misfiring. so then i bench test my trigger and coils as well seems to fall in spec of resistance, spark plugs compression on motor is good ranging in 100-110 on all cylinder, i am stuck at the moment anyone have any inputs. any help or additional testing is appreciated thank you in advance.