This was just released from, the racing boat magazine – Powerboat Racing.

Fizzle Liz (aka Liz Truss) is vacating the Downing Street racing team. In the Bristol Embassy race, Fizzle found the cockpit speeds (and the pressure to win there) was too treacherous and stressful. The unforgiving high-stone-walled banks at Bristol England are, liken to an unloving opposition political-party.

Fizzle was brought up from the slower F2 class boat, to replace Heavyfoot Johnson (aka Boris Johnson). Heavyfoot was forced out of the 10 Downing Street race boat, because of his Garden Party fiasco. James Hunt and his buddy, Heavyfoot, noonday Garden Party, before the afternoon Chasewater race, impaired Heavyfoot’s biological stability. Some speculated that partying with James before the race, was the reason Heavyfoot had his nasty racing boat accident.

Soon after the race, parliament member, Sir Jackie Stewart went to team owner Bernie Ecclestone and manager Gary Garbrecht, and petitioned unfit Heavyfoot to be ousted from the team. The British Championship race is coming up next, and now the Downing Street team need a driver of championship skills. Team sponsorsCarl Kiekhaefer and Mercury Marine are, also pressuring the team to find a qualified driver soon.

There is a conundrum, because aged race drivers like ... Bob, Tom, Jackie & Roger are past there prime. Across the water, you can hear John Lennon’s lyrics “Christ you know it ain't easy …you know how hard it can be”. And also, Prince William and the Princess of Wales will be attending the British Championship race. The country will be watching, who will be the new PM Champion.

Powerboat Racing’s exclusive (from Lake X Kid) now is that, Heavyfoot Johnson wants to rejoin the Downing Street team. Jackie Stewart approached Bernie and Gary, and is questioning Heavyfoot's commitment and maturity. In F1 racing, this time of the year is called the "silly season". However, the larger question is —who will be piloting team Downing Street to PM victory.

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