Getting close. Need a little help on the finishing touches. Anyone who has experience with this hull or the issues listed please respond.
1. The original owner put what looks to be weather stripping under the lids (see pics) to reduce noise and to keep water out. It doesn't look as though it works well. Other products/ideas?
2. The holes in the main switch panel are mighty close together. Using the average toggle switch, you can only use every other row of holes. (panel already finished with switch descriptions.
any ideas on a more narrow/compact switch?
3. Blue stripe on top cap was re-sprayed because of so many screw/drilled holes in cap that were patched. Rest of entire boat is original. Would like to buff out a little. What would be the
easiest/most gentle products that would bring out some of the color and clean up the finish?Click image for larger version. 

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