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    Mercury prop hub. Help me

    I have a Lightning ET that has a plastic hub pressed into the hub. It is not flo-torque and the drive sleeve is a little one 23p856163Q1. The opening at the top is only 1 1/4" and fit my standard shaft just fine. Since the opening for the drive Aft adapter is the same size as the opening I don't think I can get an aft adapter that will fit the fat shaft.
    I want to sell this for use on a fat shaft.

    What is this kind of hub called?

    Can a different hub be put in this prop to make it a flo torque or can this hub be removed so a flo torque can be installed?
    1999 Allison xb2003 2001 200XS
    2000 Dodge diesel

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    Old circle bore = pressed in rubber hub
    Flo Torq is square bore, can have plastic hub kits or the heavy duty solid steel, no way to change a circle bore to a Flo Torq.
    The picture you posted is a bushing from a plastic Flo Torq kit- 835257K 6. If that's what is in your prop, you have a Flo Torq hub.
    If you have a circle bore hub, there is not a press-in rubber hub adapter for fat shaft.
    1988 23 Daytona 400R

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