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Thread: 1968 Camaro

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2OPERF View Post
    Yea that's a really straight looking car for a restomod, most are rust buckets or beat to crap... when you put that out there and you will get good money for it. Take it to one of the big car show / swap meets in NC even if you don't sell it there the word will spread.
    Agree 100% if you take the car places where car guys gather in big numbers it will get seen and that effort will bring the best $ for it. Its always a bit of a feel out process to see what people are hot for. Ten years ago second gen Trans Ams and Firechickens were comparable to second gen Camaros, maybe cheaper in some cases ( not the SD TA's of course ) . Not now, not even close the TA market has exploded, and why? Who knows, someone built a nice one a took it to a show and the people there saw it and thought hey I can get one and do that and then their buddy saw it and thought I should build one of those and on and on.

    Meanwhile a mint 1952 Buick Special is listed for sale for half of what it would have ten years ago and a quarter of what comparable second gen TA's are selling for and no one buys it.
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    Wow! Good luck Nelson. Hard to believe these values.

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