This applies to anybody that is selling or looking to buy anything here

If you receive a PM from a person claiming to 'have a friend that has one' or 'knows somebody looking for' an item you're selling, be very skeptical unless it's a well-known member here.

Usually, if you're looking for an item, this sort of scammer will send you a PM, indicating that they 'have a lead on' or they 'have a friend' with what you're looking for, and an email address to contact. Do not conduct business this way.

Please always be prudent and cautious with any online sale. Whenever possible, use any means possible to verify the legitimacy of a potential transaction. As a rule, when in doubt, pass on the item and report any suspicious messages to me.

For the last several years, I manually approve all new registrations on the site. As you may imagine, that is an extremely tedious process, however it also prevents nearly all potential scammers from entering the forums here. I verify IP address locations, as well as the many patterns that automated registration software uses to scour the internet and target very large message boards like this one. However, inevitably, some of these scammers will slip through the process because a few of them are pretty smart about how they present themselves.

Please PM me anytime with any suspicious activity.