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    Sleekcraft Tunnel Rebuild in Minutes, Start to Finish

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    What a great video!

    Kinda reminds me of why we do this.

    We get all wired up on everything having to be the latest and greatest, and perfect or it won’t hold up to the internet police.

    This video is what it’s all about for most of us.

    Thx for sharing!
    I'd rather be competitive w/junk I built in my garage than win w/stuff I bought.

    I refuse to allow common sense to interfere w/my boat buying decisions.

    Checkmate 16' 140 Johnson
    Hydrostream 17' Vector FrankenRude I
    Laser 480 (?) 21' w/GT 200
    Glastron Carlson Conquest w/XP 2.6
    Glastron Carlson CVX 20 w/XP 2.6
    24' Sonic w/twin 250 Johnsons
    24' Sonic w/twin 250 HO Johnsons
    19' STV River Rocket w/FrankenRude II
    Allison XR 2002 w/Frankenrude II
    Hydrostream 18' V-King w/Frankenrude II

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