I recently acquired a 2003 Sea-Doo with an engine in three totes disassembled. Upon further inspection I learned the engine is a 2000 210 hp carbureted Engine not the 240 hp fuel injected engine which came in the boat originally. Further there is a large hole in the block from a failed connecting rod. It appears I have a salvageable crankshaft which mates up to the M2 jet pump in the boat. I also have the correct engine adapter plate for the 240 as well as the exhaust. I am unsure if any of the accessory items from the 210 hp Engine will work with a reconditioned 240 engine.
Aside from purchasing a complete 240 EFI powerhead what are my options??
Ive seen they make a 250 optimax sportjet... which seems like a good option... can I just the 250 adapter plate and a used 250 optimax outboard and bolt it all together?
The Mercury customer assistance line was less than helpful... any help/advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks