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Thread: broken 2.5 LU

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    broken 2.5 LU

    can i ru a sport master that lost the tail? It broke off at the zink . I dont know how , maybe hit something in the water. 5 out of 6 bolts but no tail section.
    What do you guys think. skag and the rest of the unit is fine. CRAZy

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    How high you running it? If you are worried about the structural integrity you are fine. The back side of the unit is in compression most of the time so running without that bolt is OK. I would be more worried about stress cracks other places in the unit that you may not see (since you hit somethin somehow). I would think its safe to run now until you see cracks form somewhere else.

    I would suggest buyin a donor unit at some time and having the sporty fixed. I think the tail end of all the units is the same if I'm not mistaken. And if thats the case I got one I can probably send you a piece of and find a good merc welder to put it back on for you.

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