1990 2.4 200 efi
I had to move the key in the dash over for trim clearance. Ran fine before that. After that I first grounded out a ignition ( blk/yel) wire by error under the dash. Disconnected that and it started
It was cold idled about for 5 plus minutes and took off. Had a hard time getting on planelike it was still cold. Limped to my dock and it sounded terrible and couldnt rev over 4000(fairly light boat)
Usually just jumps and goes. At the dock it idled poorly and very smokey. When i brought rpms up it was really smokey(is premixed not oil injection) ) Boat is about hr from my house so want to bri g enough stuff to get it set straight. Would a screw up in the 3 wire temp sensor cause this
It does seem act like a switch box is bad at the higher speed but that wouldnt explain the rough idle and smokebelow 3500. There is spark at all the plugs but the were damp. Thx