Hey guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm looking for some suggestions or recommendations to get a little more out of my boat. I have a 91 Allison GS with a 200 Yamaha of the same year on it. I've been driving the boat for about 10 years now. The boat was bought new by my dad in 91 from Randy Pierson (who I just Googled yesterday and was surprised to see the search results that came up) from Avon marine. My dad passed away 2 years ago so the boat is officially mine now and I have no intention of getting rid of it. But I'd like to go a little faster so I'm looking for any suggestions of what I can do to the motor to get more out of it.

One thing I know I need is a low water pickup and coned lower unit. I'm aware of Bob's machine shop. Is having them install one of their nose cones my best option? Or what are my other options? Is there another lower unit that will connect with little to no modifications? I'm assuming a unit such as a sportmaster won't bolt up without modifications, but is there a method to making that work?

As far as prop I have a custom prop that Randy sold to my dad back in the mid 90's. I'm not sure what the specs of it are as I believe the only thing stamped on the prop is Pierson on the hub of the prop. This prop helped my dad reach a top speed of 90 mph (at least according to the factory speedometer) without anything being done to the motor.

The motor is completely stock and has never had any issues (knock on wood). Aside from changing spark plugs and lower unit oil seasonally the motor is untouched. So I'm wondering if its starting to get a little tired. I have to look around the boat to see if there's an hour meter installed somewhere. What kinds of things can I do to refresh the engine a little bit and also give it a little more power? I'm aware of Hydro Tec for their Yamaha parts but I'm not sure of a direction to go. Would getting some of their reeds be worthwhile? Or should I start somewhere else? Also, what are their exhaust tuners good for? One thing I don't really want to mess with too much is the reliability of the motor, but I'm aware that as with most vehicles you don't really get upgraded power while maintaining reliability.

I'm hoping you guys can help point me in a direction. I feel like its definitely time to get a little more out of the boat.

Thanks in advance