I know a number of folks have installed 300R’s, what’s included with the motor from Merc? I’m specifically talking about the Mechanical version, 20” SM lower.

From research I believe a repower from a 300XS using the 14 pin harness and VesselView (no mechanical gauges) should be straight forward with these 2 additional components;

Battery cables
Clean Power harness

The existing 14 pin harness, the fuel/paddle harness and the 3/8” fuel line should be plug and play as well as throttle and shift cable ends.

The 2 wild cards, based on reading the service notes are;

Rigging Hose and boat flange (is it included and is it a 2” or a 2.5”)
Engine Block Water Pressure (does the 300R mechanical version already have the electronic sender like the DTS version or is the conversion kit needed)

Nothing worse then getting all set to swap things things out and finding there are additional parts you need to order.