Sorry guys, Yea boat is sold, On my end. Not sure why the new guy is selling it.

My plan was to put new motors on it, All new gauges and give the boat a good cleaning, with some wet sanding and buffing. The one midsection that doesn't have a power head on it has a lot of play at the steering knuckle where it connects to the lower mid. The port side motor is tight but it looks like it will have the same problem. I'm guessing you can fix that, Just never tried. I had mine apart on my checkmate once and I didn't even think of replacing the bushing or whatever is in there. Also the port motor, runs great but it does like to shut off under load. The compression was all around 130. I really think the wiring needs to be replaced. It looks like some of it melted at some point.

Im not sure if the new guy is even including the motor or not. Sorry I didn't keep up on the post as well as I should have.