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    F-1 Monaco..and Indy

    F-1 is actually getting boring as just need to watch qualifying and see where Hamilton, Bottas and Vettle will end up 1/2/3. Then watch start of race, take a nap and see who's standing where on the podium when ya wake up! Yep Ham made Pole again..

    Miss my living Illinois days as did the party van beer and people ride Sat to Indy, party all night massive staging areas, bonfires and beer, pass out somewhere for a hour, Siren goes off at 5AM, and the mad dash to get in line to the tunnel and infield. Always went 3rd turn, then crash out and try and get rid the hangover! Race over pile in the ride and in line to get out (all roads are one way OUT after the race!) back Chitown suburbs and watch race on the tube. Crazy weekend, and a LOT of fun times with crazy people!

    Now if I only could afford a massive yacht, I'd be docked water front in Monte Carlo for the F-1 race!
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