I recently acquired a boat that has a 2000 225 Ocean Pro. I felt like the idle and just off idle settings were off. So, I started reading the manual on the link and sync, cam pickup gap, cable adjustments and idle/WOT stop adjustments. I found that the gap between the cam and roller was over 1/8" and it should only be .005". I went through all the procedures and made that gap .005", aligned the pin with the mark on the cam and it runs fine on the hose. I have not had it out on the water yet.

Here is the problem and it includes a question. I just read somewhere else that the cam follower roller is supposed to be surrounded by a piece of clear plastic and that over time, this piece breaks away leaving the little black piece of roller behind.

Now, that 1/8" gap is obviously there because that clear piece disintegrated at some point before I got the engine. Now I have already done all the adjustments, they are spot on and the engine runs great. Do I need to order a new part and do all of this over? Or am I good even though that piece is missing?

Is having that piece missing going to screw with the timing enough to be concerned? Or have I just adjusted that clearance out and it's OK?

The only problem I can think of off the top of my head is that the follower roller will spin a little faster because it's smaller... Or am I wayyy of track?

Any input is greatly appreciated. I have not updated my sig yet. Boat is a 2000 Wellcraft Sportsman 210 with the 2000 Johnson 225 Ocean Pro.