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    Thankful Father

    First I would like to thank everyone who took the time out to say prayers for my daughter Megan, also the generosity shown by many of you, I cant name you all but you know who you are, is greatly appreciated by my family for Megans recovery. We can not believe the outpouring of love and well wishes by both our local community and the community of social media.

    Two days before Megans cardiac arrest we celebrated her 28th birthday at Long Horns. She made her typical glutton of herself.
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    Beside having a pacemaker implanted about two years ago because of a low heart rate Megan worked 3 full time jobs as an EMT on different squads in the county having a hand full of CPR saves to her credit which both she and us were very proud of.

    Well two days later, not feeling well, her mom convinced her to go to the emergency room just to be safe. All down hill from there. She had a seizure in the ER and stopped breathing, had it not been for her mom being there and preforming CPR on her while yelling for the nursing staff she might have died right there. Note my wife Debbie is a retired ER Nurse and EMT very well respected in our community, If you sick or injured this is the person you want by your side.

    Short story is Megan is moved to a Post Cardiac Unit where later that evening she goes into full cardiac arrest. The medical team worked on Megan for 45 minutes the doctor yelling at the nurses that shes two young to give up on. Thank God he didnt and they finally got a pulse back. We arraigned to have a helicopter fly from Temple University in Philly and come and transport Megan there. Deb and I jumped in our car and headed out figuring the worst. This is what we walked into at Temple.
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    Megan on full life support in ICU. She stayed this way for two weeks. Every day we traveled the 2 hours to Philly to spend as much time as they would allow us to stay. Than the news that she had suffered hypoxia (brain damage due to lack of oxygen). Only time would tell how much damage. We were devastated. She had just bought a new car and was headed back to school to get her Paramedic license.

    So finally she starts breathing on her own so they put in a trach. Insert a feeding tube into her stomach and leave it into Gods hands (and the Doctors). Slowly she started to come around. Not to alert at first but good to see her open them big blue eyes even though they were distant. Than she started following us when we came in the room. We could get her to blink yes and no. She started to smile when talking to her or if my mustache tickled her when I kissed her. She was in there and yes trying to come out.

    Well its been 29 days of ups and downs and they finally decided it was time to move her to an Acute Care Rehab closer to home. Luckily there is one just up the road and we have some very influential friends in high places that made it happen, private room in a just opened new wing right next to the nurses desk.

    As you might have read in Tony's and Bud's post we even got to let her dog Murphy see her before being admitted to the Rehab.
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    So how are we sure Megan is in there and hopefully will make a good recovery? This is here response to NO Taco Bell in Rehab.

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    Well thats the story, hopefully only good things from here.

    And Bud Conner (Hsteam1) I cant tell you how much we love you but we have LOL

    My Megan
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