I have recently bought myself an Evinrude 60hp 2 cylinder ( compression is 150 and 152) and I want to do some mods on it over the winter. I am relatively new to the world of outboard modification ( I'm 16) so any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. The motor will be going on my homebuilt 13' Glen-L Tuffy, so I know I will never be getting really impressive numbers like I would be in a Critchfield or something. The boat currently goes 37 mph with my 1981 Johnson 50hp ( Compression 120 and 80 and has a mangled aluminum prop) so I'm hoping to get 45+ when I'm done modding and am correctly propped. What kind of work would you guys recommend to get top speed? I've heard of upgrading to 70hp carbs on the 3 cyl 60hp motors but I've been shut down when asking about upgrading 2 cyl carbs on iboats forum. I've also have been thinking of cutting the bonnet and putting velocity stacks on it. Anybody know anything about short shaft power trim for it? I know its rare but I haven't been able to find anything. I'm open to doing a lot of stuff to get the speed I want to get! Once again, any comments or advice would be appreciated.