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    WTB mid '80s 2.4L cowling and airbox parts

    I've recently had to rob a bunch of parts off of my boat to complete a boat that I sold to a buddy of mine.

    On the starboard cowl...I need the plastic stepped ratchet thing that engages with the one on the port cowl...held on with 3 screws. Mine is in pieces.

    Also need the piece that bolts onto the bottom of the airbox that has the cable clamp, fuel line fitting, and the release mechanism for the front cover. I have a bunch from 150hp engines, which use turnbuckles to clamp the clamshells together rather than the plastic ratchet/stepped deal, and use through holes for the bottom piece rather than threaded holes in the airbox that are on a different spacing than the through bolts.

    If anyone has these...lemme know. I'll buy 'em.
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