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    Thx Greg.

    Picked up the motor in the back of the truck a 1/2 mile from your house.
    W/a better schedule we would have called for lunch
    We did have blackend Grouper on the water at Berts Bar in Matlacha

    As to progress for Jetflite, yes.

    Started slinging glass at the bracket and is coming along nicely.
    Plan is/was to have it done and installed before bringing the motors home from Fla though time is waning.
    Want to get to that point ASAP so I can temp hang motors to head to ramp and see how it floats to determine weight distribution.

    I have built up 1/8" of glass on both sides of motorboard section and ready to move on to box/enclosure.
    Im happy w/how its coming/looking.

    Also, just rec'd replacement hinges for the sun lounge lid so I can mock it up then take it to the Checkmate factory for them to repair the cushion where the hood scoop used to be.

    Greg, remember this?

    PS, on the GS, the classic bike market is appreciating aggressively.
    I plan on owning 4 or 5 for retirement investments.
    Way more fun than a 401K and easy to sell off any/all.
    Put them right by your museum Stream

    Quote Originally Posted by Scream And Fly View Post
    @Instigator Gary, I really enjoyed this thread. I've said it often but I'll say it again - build-up and restoration threads are always my favorite. That's really what this site was started for, and it's still the very best content here. Thank you for posting it Gary, and the Checkmate look fantastic! Now, when do I get to photograph it?

    I love the GS700 as well, nice score on that one!

    Last edited by Instigator; Today at 10:21 AM.
    I'd rather be competitive w/junk I built in my garage than win w/stuff I bought.

    I refuse to allow common sense to interfere w/my boat buying decisions.

    Checkmate 16' 140 Johnson
    Hydrostream 17' Vector FrankenRude I
    Laser 480 (?) 21' w/GT 200
    Glastron Carlson Conquest w/XP 2.6
    Glastron Carlson CVX 20 w/XP 2.6
    24' Sonic w/twin 250 Johnsons
    24' Sonic w/twin 250 HO Johnsons
    19' STV River Rocket w/FrankenRude II
    Allison XR 2002 w/Frankenrude II
    Hydrostream 18' V-King w/Frankenrude II

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