Scream And Fly Holiday Amazon Fire Tablet Giveaway

It's been an incredible year here, and a great way to top it off would be to give away some cool stuff!

A device like that will definitely allow for convenient use of Scream And Fly, in addition to just about everything any computer could do, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, games, and just about anything. Of course, the Fire also includes Amazon Prime Instant Video and Amazon Music as well. The Amazon Fire runs a special version of Android, and is capable of loading most Android apps. This is a quad-core CPU tablet with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of on-board storage, and an SD-card slot for additional storage for movies, music, or any files or applications.

** To enter your name into this contest, simply reply once to this thread **
Please keep the replies ONLY for entering the contest. Any single reply is all that it takes to enter

*** Only ONE reply please ***

I will draw a winner at random, using the random number generator at

I will also upload a video of the number drawing. The thread will be closed at midnight on January 1 and the winner will be announced.

These giveaways are presented with appreciation and gratitude for our Team Members, Supporting Members, and Supporting Vendors. Without our financial supporters, none of this would be possible. The Amazon Fire tablets are not given to us - Scream And Fly purchases them for these giveaways. We have no advertising agreement or contract with, Inc.

Good luck everybody and thank you for your support for Scream And Fly!

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