Hey Guys,
I have a very low speed application on my old 34ft houseboat. This thing is a 1986 Aqua Cruiser. About 5 years ago the bulkheads started breaking loose. The top of the pontoons are glassed over but was thin and porous. Enough water got in to rot the glassed in bulkheads. The fiberglass in the logs seems fine but without the bulkheads its week and now we have a major project on our hands.
We are thinking of glassing in aluminum bulkheads since we have fabricating equipment available. Maybe 1/8" aluminum with a 1" flange welded on the edges.
My main question is about the resin / mat. We are not concerned with anything but a nice bond that will last. Thinking Epoxy resin (ran across some Laminating Epoxy from "Pro marine" for about $60 a gallon on ebay. Should we use Bi axial mat ? How many layers of Mat?
Any thoughts are welcome.