Need help because I am having difficulty getting a legitimate answer. I have a 2011 yellowfin bay boat with the Mercury 350 SCI bolted to a jack plate that sits back 10 inches. I love speed and I can only get 67 mph. At WOT it feels like it isn't breaking free. It is a single step hull and I can't get the bow to come up. I'm used to v-bottoms, so this is different. My goal is to get as much speed out of the boat as possible. I tried the tempest plus, 21 pitch and ran no faster. Looking for suggestions on props and where I can get demos props or a place to bring the boat to have prop set properly. I was also looking at Whipple Superchargers for the PCM. Would this make a difference? Any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do? I think this boat could do 74 mph if set up right. Just do not know where to take it. I live in West palm Beach, FL if that helps.