id like to gauge interest in a few pieces i need to get rid of to make room for more black-motor junk!
ill post pics and detailed info(measurements) if there is any real interest,as i have to dig this stuff from storage:
~1978 235,was a n.o.s block with about 85hrs run time,lost a piston,has been bored .015 over(i think)on offending cyl.all others standard,has transfers cut 1.25
~1987 150,"s" block,all cylinders .030 over
~1985 2.6xp factory ported block,needs all cylinders bored,may need a sleeve?
~complete mid from 2.6xp w/tilt-trim unit
~a couple of sets of rods
~a stack of intakes,air-boxes,both early and late model
~several sets of carbs 1 5/16&1 3/8 bore,none have jets!!
~several cranks,flywheels,mostly 9amp
~early style power packs
~every lever,arm,and mechanical do-dad that came on a x-flow
everything is stock stuff i accumulated over the years,im gonna build one more ported x-flow(someday,lol)but im on the "dark side" now,done with the tractor motor stuff!!
all reasonable offers considered,p.m any offers or questions,i will drag this stuff out and take pics if there is any REAL intrerest in it !thanks