Looking to fabricate a split lower pan for an omc 3 cyl. Saw a picture of what appeared to be a 2 piece pan on a"13 critcfield and Adams marine 75 stinger". Was wondering if it was a custom fiberglass piece or a factory pan cut in to 2pieces. Looked like( I'm guessing) - it was held together by inboard riveted brackets. Wondering if anybody has seen this or maybe has some inside pics of something like this. I am looking to do this to a 1975 evinrude 3 cyl. (15" mid, nitro lower, lght flywheel) with new stator, new fuel pump, fresh rebuilt carbs. Motor had a cracked lower pan when I got it so it got sawzalled it off. Motor has good even compression and tried to fire when I got it. Don't want to pull powerhead to install lower pan. Would like to run it before I paint it all up. Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated.