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    Cool 25 gal Russell Fuel Tanks

    In a quest to put this Eliminator on a diet and redistribute weight... I noticed that Wildman's boats are running a single rear fuel tank instead of the dual heavy stainless ones like I have already in my Eliminator. After some looking around I found that Russell Tank Company has been out of business for quite some time and IMCO does not make a large diameter tank with the volume of the polished stainless ones.

    My thought is one of two options... I like having 50 gallons to play with... so,

    1. Do I distribute the weight with a tank forward in the boat and have a main tank in the rear between the stringers, OR...

    2. Do I just mount one large tank in the rear and cut my capacity to 30-40 gallons?

    Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else removed their stainless gunnel tanks? Any ideas on how heavy these things must be?

    Goals here are to get the boat at rest to have a more level water line and to improve the ride, planing, high-speed stability and rougher water capability.

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