A month or two ago, I asked for and received some great advice from the members here on S&F, on how to reduce porpoising, increase speed, etc. Thought I'd give an update.

At the time, I was running a couple of aluminum props.

Since then, I was able to raise the engine another inch, the prop shaft is now 3.5" below pad. This is as far as I can go w/out remounting CMC on transom. Bought a 22" small ear chopper and the boat runs faster and smoother.

52.7mph at 5300 rpm. Not bad for a 50+ year old motor.

This is as far as I'll take the "fine tuning" with this boat/motor combination, gonna enjoy the boat now. Here are a few videos taken earlier in the week.

Thanks again, Pete.

Boat at ramp

Forward looking camera

Video with camera focused on lower unit/prop