I would like to take a minute and acknowledge Steve Smith (DS77 http://www.sdspropshop.com/). I have several props I wanted to play with on my setup. All are/were big ear choppers that had pretty much been untouched. I contacted Steve and got a quick call back and answers to every question I had at the time. We spoke on the phone a couple times and I decided to drive up to his place since he is only an hour or so away. I was welcomed very warmly and treated as if I was a long time friend.

I left a 28p chopper with him (thanks Wayne (That's Right)) but before I left we talked a lot about what I was doing, what I wanted to do and even though I am not as well versed with the proper terms, I was able to describe well enough what the boat was doing and what I needed it to do. Steve was very understanding and never made me feel like an idiot or beginner and even helped me to understand quite a few things about props that I either misunderstood or had no idea about.

I received a call from him about a week later letting me know he was done, just when he said he would be done. I picked up the prop and had it sitting in the boat the last week or so while I was moving. I decided to take a break and hit the water for a few hours this afternoon and I am VERY pleased with the prop. I didn't run it as hard as I wanted to but the water temp averaged mid to high 40s and I didn't want to risk a cold seize. I cruised around a while and stretched it's legs a little up to around 63 and was really impressed how hard the worked prop pulls. GPS jumped from 42-63 so fast I never even saw 60.

All in all I am extremely pleased with the customer service as well as his craftsmanship. Thanks Steve I look forward to doing business with you again.