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Where will you be doing most of your boating? The reason I ask is that different size bodies of water generally require different types of hulls to both go fast and ride like anything less than a floor jack. For instance, a classic Hydrostream or Switzer would be a great small river / lake boat and go like stink. Put it on Lake Ontario (where I do most of my boating) and you'd hate yourself for buying one in about 5 minutes. On the other hand, classic Challengers, Shadows or even my Progression are pretty darn quick, but absolutely eat rough water. (Relatively speaking of course.)

Hope that helps.
These are very valid points and ill admit there are days on big lakes with lots of boat traffic i wish i was in a Progression with a 300xs. Big arse rollers are also not your friend in an Allison but a 22ft Progression can jump them all day long.

I boat mostly on lakes with little to zero boat traffic I live way up north in a not so populated area. When I go on Vacation for a month of boating every day next week its a freaking zoo most days as its a resort town with nice lakes. Thats when I have to get up early to make some nice runs. Fart around during the day hunting for calm and evening is good as we stay right on the lake so I don't have to worry about going to the ramp stay out till dark. TN has some good water for Allisons and theres lots there including the factory. If your not to far from the Allison Factory go talk to Darris allison and ask him when the new 23ft Allison Grand sport will be ready for production. If he gives you that top secret answer I would also like to know!!