Hey guy i need a little help here. My main steering cable froze on my 87 starflite and i was able to finally get the old one out of the tilt tube but i had to pretty much destroy it to get it out. Now i need to replace the whole cable but im not really sure what to order. The OE was a 14ft 6in ride glide rack and pinion steering cable. The secondary ride glide cable still is working good so if i can id like to just replace the bad one. Im pretty much green as they come with boats and i dont know if i can just order a teleflex or some other brand of steering cable with the rack on it and it will bolt right up next to the existing ride glide cable/rack or can i just replace everthing but the ride glide rack since it was working fine and i just had to cut off the motor end to get it out of the tilt tube. Ive looked for a 14'6" ride glide with rack but i havent had any luck. Thanks in advance.