Hi All

I want to remove the hydraulic pump from my 1987 V200 blackmax (0B121842) trim tilt unit. I followed the manual to the letter right to the part where is says remove the last two bolts and lift out the electric motor and hydraulic pump.... didn't budge!

After much head scratching i unscrewed the 4 long screws that go through the eaton motor into the base and separated the electric motor from the trim tilt unit. I could see that 1 of the three bolts that hold the motor base plate to the hydraulic (hockey puck) pump was broken. With very little effort I managed to break the other two highly corroded bolts (I know... ). The pump looks like it has never been removed which brings me to my question.

Does anyone know a trick to getting the sucker out? All I can think to do is soak the pump, drill out the broken bolts screw in some new ones and slide hammer it out.

Anyone got a better Idea???