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    Quote Originally Posted by lowlifeAE21 View Post
    I have got flamed for giving an opinion on a boat and I was told my opinion was based on the fact that I could not afford the boat
    thats what really pissed me off about snakebit , we were having a discussion about small cats and snake jumped on and told me "your the kinda guy who cant afford this stuff " basically he called me a chump and he really talked down to me and said some rude things . then he bragged about all his money and how we were peasants. he did that to a lot of people on here

    it just always stuck in my head so i was bored last night and wanted to bust his chops a little

    Quote Originally Posted by lowlifeAE21 View Post
    Over the internet everyone is different then they appear.
    i agree ,im a real p r i ( k on the internet , but in real life im a hellavu guy


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