I have a motor guide trolling motor that will not turn but has alot of noise like grinding or slipping type noise.........at time the prop will spend by itself and will not stop and until I pull the plug from the power outlet and at time the trolling motor will make a grinding noise and will not stop until I pull the plug from the power outlet too. I took off the cover for the top of the motor and inspect the gears and is ok and there is on sign of anything being damage and is clean. I was thinking it could be the computer board tweeking and maybe the motor for turning left and right is going out cause it will not turn anymore and the prop will not spin at times....any suggestion would be helpful......I was just think bout getting a new one but too much cant afford it......just want to use this one for now.....will see.
I have a motor guide Lazer 2, 12v 52lb thrust.....1996 model