I posted this some time ago on a couple bass fishing boards and nobody replied. Not sure if it really fits into Parts Wanted, so I'll put it in both places.

Back around 1995 or so, shortly after the XR6 came out, the fishing shows such as Bill Dance and Orlando Wilson had a Mercury commercial. I'm fairly sure it was in this time frame because I remember my roommate and I watching all of the fishing shows during my freshman year at college. It ended with some type of overweight tournament bass boat heading away from the camera at an angle with a 150 on the back, overtrimmed with the mandatory 30 foot high rooster tail. The commentator's final words were something to the effect of, "When Mercury engineers came out with a hot new bass motor called the XR6, they didn't light victory cigars, they just told you to Set The Water On Fire."

I would like to get a copy of this commercial on VHS tape if anyone by chance has any old fishing shows on tape. I know it's a long shot but I'd like to have it to go with my motor, even though by the time mine was made the XR6 was such an old timer it was called the XR6 Classic in the brochure.