• Traxxas Spartan: A Different Kind Of Performance Boating

    So we were sent this new Traxxas Spartan RC boat to test and I thought it would be a good idea to consider evaluating RC boats occasionally since so many of our members use them and they're just a lot of fun.

    The Traxxas Spartan is an all-new electric, brushless-powered V-bottom boat that will run over 30 MPH out of the box, and a claimed 70 MPH using lithium-polymer battery packs. That's quite a claim, especially for something that's ready-to-run, with a full warranty and is user friendly like all of Traxxas' vehicles. Of course, that's part of the allure of this boat; previously, to obtain that kind of performance required a lot of money and some pretty involved custom building. Only recently has brushless electric motors made obtaining the kind of speeds possible that were previously only reserved for nitro-powered boats in this size class.

    The Spartan is very well made, and features a power section (motor and electronics) that's easily removable as one unit for easy servicing. That's the kind of design thinking that Traxxas is known for bringing into new products and they've worked very hard to make this boat easy to run and maintain. The hull is 36 inches long and a narrow 9.5 inches wide, and is made of composite with a reinforced transom to support the drive unit, rudder and adjustable afterplanes. I like the anodized blue hardware, and the boat is available in two color schemes - red and blue.

    I'm surprised Traxxas chose to go with a deep-V design over an easier to drive tunnel hull. Traxxas products are generally designed to be high-performing, yet easy to use and maintain. I'm not sure how easy a deep-V hull will be to handle at speeds over 40 MPH, and I'm betting it's a handful at their claimed 70 MPH potential speed with the battery upgrade. A tunnel design would be both fast and easier to drive, though I suppose it has a greater chance of blowing over. I'll see how it goes when I get the boat wet.

    So give us your opinions on what you think - should we evaluate more RC boats? With the new website format nearing completion, we're getting ready to finally roll out a steady stream of articles so let's have your thoughts on what you think of these types of evaluations and others. Your input always matters!
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    1. dash's Avatar
      dash -
      Im looking forward to your on water review. I really want to get one of thse for my kids. Interested to hear your comments on how user friendly it is for kids (10-12yo) as well as adults.
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