• Simon Motorsports and Dave Bush Racing Announce Collaboration

    An announcement from Dave Bush, owner of DBR, confirms the collaboration of an ECU/EMM engine development partnership with Eric Simon of Simon Motorsports for 2011 and beyond. Most makes of outboard engines are in the works with intentions of ECU reprogramming and part upgrades at various levels of performance and cost. This news is one of the most interesting stories of the outboard high performance season and is a clear sign of the team’s strength and ambitions to move forward with this new technology as rapidly as possible. These two focused companies will remain in their own respective locations, however they will share dynamic ideas by way of computer technology, dyno facilities, and some CNC hard parts. Details are still in the works, but excellence is sure to come from this duo. Please stay tuned, because things are happening fast.

    Dyno and ECU software development has been on going for years, additionally a purpose built engine dyno (OEM Level click the following link for a preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnPfD9icUsA) including both torque and hp measurement at the prop shaft has been constructed for accurate comparison to the OEM SAE values. Monitoring of over 30 and up to 100 parameters of an engine measuring data at 1000 Hz creates accurate tangible data that help develop reliable products. This test cell and dyno is up running and evolving rapidly. Engines are tested dynamically both at water level and up at planning gear case depth. Stock cowlings remain in place as cowlings drastically affect power/noise. Simulation of just about anything imaginable for proper testing of stock and modified combinations within less than one percent error in repeatability is happening. Variable weather conditions including air temp, barometric pressure and humidity are all controlled to eliminate those questionable correction factors that keep you wondering if you are moving forward or backward. Both parties have brought there “A” game and have invested heavily in this effort.

    Team principals Eric Simon and Dave Bush gave their thoughts on the announcement today:

    ERIC SIMON: “I am absolutely excited that we can now officially talk about the partnership with Dave Bush Racing. For decades there has obviously been a great deal of time and energy from both sides invested in outboard engine development, and now that the announcement has been made, I think everyone can see just how ambitious we really are. The collaboration of a championship winning engine development program from DBR and our own Simon Motorsports engine/proprietary computer software arms our design teams with a successful, tried, and tested platform to work with for the future. With over a decade of ECU upgrades, we have been building up a loyal clientele from scratch and after many successful meetings with DBR; we have laid the foundation for many exciting seasons to come. The partnership with this small Arizona based engine development company will dramatically accelerate our development plans, both on and off the water. That is an important point – this joint effort with DBR, and much like taking on experienced people in their first year, we will be working with people who know how to win and who will help push us even further forward towards perfection leading the way in aftermarket outboard engine development. We too seek Results. Reliability. We are realistic. We know computers and their complicated marriage to engines. We are fueled with the honor of providing our customers with positive results. This partnership will play a very important role in helping us forge ahead. Most importantly it will free us up to do what we do best…software and computers.”

    Dave Bush: “Today’s announcement is confirmation of how far our companies are willing to go to keep all of our customers for life. Results are the burning passion here at DBR. It is a blessing to have Eric Simon on the team. After a year of working daily with Simon I feel very confident in Eric’s ability and shared commitment to success that parallels ours. What Simon Motorsports and their engineers can add to this collaboration is second to none. Today’s technology coupled with the desire to explore innovative new computer engine management adjustability and upgrades is definitely ”jumping outside the box.” Simon has spent years developing and refining and now we see possibilities that are almost infinite. This technology is staggering to say the least. I am a huge advocate of some aftermarket engine management systems and these are necessary for high end racing engines. However, this stock ECU upgrade process is cost effective and extremely powerful. This is an avenue I would have never considered three years ago. The game has changed. The consumer can now gain remarkable performance with value as the primary design goal. This ECU/engine kit upgrade is the best dollar to performance ratio available, Period.

    Direct injection and OEM computers are like learning many foreign languages all at once and we are doing it. It is very exciting to be on the ground floor working on new technology engines including 4 strokes…my past. I love the new Yamaha 4 stroke. We can’t be more excited about an engine and are in full swing R&D mode here. I will, however, never give up making huge horsepower conventional injected 2 strokes striving to win more world championships: my roots. In fact, this has accelerated our development of large cubic inch Mercury conventional and direct injected engines as well. We are very excited about our growing relationship with Simon Motorsports and their ECU/EMM upgrades. Our dynos and test boats will be at 110%. We have plans to help customers with most new 4 stroke and direct inject engines. We are planning on releasing upgrade kits in stages very soon. Please hang in there as we are thrashing as you read this. This is a very complicated and time-consuming adventure. We will only release proven, reliable upgrades.” For more info, go to http://www.davebushracing.com/optima...rformance.html
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