• Introducing The Livorsi Raw Water Flow System, Safe Guard Your Cooling System From Damage

    The Raw Water Flow gauge is a new patented system that indicates your engine’s GPM- Gallons per Minute. Water flow (GPM) is a real indication of the raw water flow surging through a cooling system such as: exhaust headers, sea strainers, impellers, Gen sets, intercoolers and any other marine or industrial applications that utilize water flow.

    When the flow gets too low, it will trip the alarm warning you of a potential problem or danger that would otherwise not be indicated by a water pressure gauge. Water flow and water pressure are distinct facets of a water flow system. Having one does not necessarily mean you have the other

    For example- You can have water pressure without water flow- if you have a worn impeller or extensive debris build-up in the intercooler; it will lead to less water flowing through the cooling system.

    Your water pressure gauge will continue to read normal pressure, yet your water flow could be running extremely low, resulting in; cosmetic and structural damage to expensive exhaust headers, burned impellers and/or the clogging and damage of intercoolers.
    Safe guard your cooling system from damage and maintain your engine’s optimal operating conditions with the Raw Water Flow System.

    • The kit consist of a 2 5/8" panel mounted gauge with internal warning light, bronze Tee, PCB board, harness and a paddlewheel transducer.
    • Raw Water Flow Kits are offered in the following:
    • 40 GPM low alarm set at 5 GPM
    • 60 GPM low alarm set at 10 GPM
    • 120 GPM low alarm set at 20 GPM
    • Easy to install kits available in 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2".
    • Pick the size of the hose and mount the Tee in-line on the output side of a sea strainer or sea pump. The paddle wheel sensor installs in the Tee and can be easily removed for inspection.
    • Available in 12 or 24 volts.

    Miami International Boat Show
    We will be exhibiting in the Miami International Boat show, February 17- 21st at the Miami Beach Convention Center. BOOTH T-48, will show case our OEM and aftermarket instruments, controls and accessories. Visit the booth and take a look at our displays featuring private label and custom gauges. For a preview visit www.livorsi.com for our online gallery.
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