• Livorsi Underwater LED Lighting- High Intensity Lighting For Your Boat or Dock

    These rugged lights beautifully light up the water around you creating a stunning aura; they have even been known to attract sea life. For use on boats and docks.

    LED’s are designed to have a long life span and these provide over 40,000 hours of light. Built with internal self protection circuitry, these lights will not burn you or your gel coat. This product uses water to cool, but are engineered to and tested to run continuously and safely out of the water. Lights will automatically turn off when it reaches its max temperature and then automatically turn back on after it cools.

    • Low profile design
    • Installation do not require major hull penetration
    • Lights are fully submersible
    • Internal suppression device protects against voltage spikes
    • 316 stainless steel with polycarbonate construction
    • Shock and vibration resistant for operation at any speed
    • Low power consumption 3.5 amps at 12 volts
    • Made in the USA

    Available in 4, 6 or 10 LEDs and in 5 brilliant colors

    4 LEDs
    Watts: 17
    Amps @ 12v:1.4
    Height: 2.375"
    Width: 5.8"

    6 LEDs
    Watts: 25
    Amps @12v:2.1
    Height: 2.375"
    Width: 7.2"

    10 LEDs

    Watts: 42
    Amps @ 12v:3.5
    Height: 2.25
    Width: 10.25”

    • White- The brightest of them all
    • Bimini Blue- Most Popular. Makes brown murky water behind your boat look like a swimming pool
    • Red- Recommend as an accent to Blue, White, or Green
    • Ultra Blue- Deep blue with a component of ultra-violet light brings a high-tech ambiance to the water around you, causes fluorescent objects to illuminate
    • Green- Perceived as the best for attracting fish, easily penetrates the water

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