• Livorsi Autocal Fuel Level Senders

    Livorsi Marine’s new micro controller-based senders provide an accurate, continuous readout of fuel levels even in a moving vehicle. Electronics in the head convert the measured capacitance to the programmed output of ohms or volts. As a result, needle bounce on the gauge is significantly reduced.

    These fuel level senders are easier than ever to install. The Auto Full Detection feature, when installed in a full tank, automatically calibrates itself to full.

    • No moving parts to wear out or break
    • Installs in the same float arm assembly mounting plate
    • Available for standard as well as custom tank installations
    • Two terminal senders work with 12 or 24 volts
    • 240-33 and 0-90 ohms in stock, other ohms resistances available upon request
    • Bended senders are available upon request
    • When ordering fuel level senders please specify:
    • Depth of tank (1/2" clearance is recommended)
    • Gas, diesel or gasohol
    • Ohms resistance
    • Volts
    • Fuel Level Gauges

    These senders work hand in hand with our fuel level gauges to accurately read fuel levels. These gauges are available in the standard 2 1/16" cutout or in a 2 5/8" cutout. Choose from 240-33 ohms or 0-90 ohms. Several color options are available. Click here for more information.
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    1. gambler2's Avatar
      gambler2 -
      i bought one, sent it back twice, and it still won't work !!!!!!!
    1. Greg G's Avatar
      Greg G -
      Anyone else have a good or bad experience with these senders?
    1. sbasta's Avatar
      sbasta -
      sounds like it works as good as their gps units that you can pay them 100.00 to replace the battery in the antenae every two or three years or give them 190.00 and your old antenae to get one that does not require a battery!
    1. white03's Avatar
      white03 -
      Same here, can't get the dang thing to read correctly. This is the one without the external adjustment screws for full and empty (now they have a magnet you use for adjustments)..I wouldn't buy another one. Having said that I did have one several years ago on another baot that DID have external adjustment screws for full and empty...that one worked great, but I don't think they sell those any more.
    1. sumfast's Avatar
      sumfast -
      i just installed a set in a 22 Talon, I hope they work ok we will see.
    1. gambler2's Avatar
      gambler2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by sumfast View Post
      i just installed a set in a 22 Talon, I hope they work ok we will see.
      good. luck.... i'd like to know if they work for you
    1. wagoetzmann's Avatar
      wagoetzmann -
      I purchased and installed the magnet adjusted fuel level sender, capacitance, 2 terminal, 240-33 ohms, 15-9/16", PFLS24 last August in my Euro and it works fine.
    1. Greg G's Avatar
      Greg G -
      Any more experiences with the Livorsi sender?
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