• Photos: Southern Outlaw Drag Boat Association Summer Showdown

    The Southern Outlaw Drag Boat Association just concluded the Summer Showdown drag races in Eustis, Florida, and although comprehensively well-done from two days of shooting photos in punishing heat, I wouldn't want it any other way.

    For two days I enjoyed that blissful melody of outboards turning 9000 RPM and the sweet smell of avgas. It's been a long time since I covered a race at Eustis, and I was reminded of just how perfect that location is for drag boat racing. The course ran alongside a seawall that was lined with people enjoying a weekend of racing, while the spectator boats anchored on the other side conducted the boating version of a tailgate party. It couldn't have been any better.

    The Southern Outlaw Drag Boat Association is a new organization that offers the chance for just about any boat to compete; from an introductory 'run what you brung' race class to professional unlimited boats that run 800 feet in under seven seconds.

    The city of Eustis welcomed the race and judging by the turnout, it was an incredible success. For more information and upcoming race dates, visit the SODA website.

    Race Results:

    Photos - click images for larger view

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      motexas -
      Thank You- glad to see these events still going!!!

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      Fish -
      Great shots Greg!
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