• ALF Unique Boats Are Almost a Next-Gen HydroStream

    ALF Unique Boats is based in Argentina, and the owner, who's name is Lucas, does this as a 'for fun' project with his friend that also helps run the company. For those of us that will always prefer fast, single-outboard lightweight boats, this will provide added reassurance that this segment of performance boating is alive and well.

    Very clearly based on classic HydroStream models, but they've designed and made their own decks and the bottoms are also modified in some ways. I think they've designed some really attractive decks that work very well with the classic lines of HydroStreams, but modernize it tastefully. I wonder if that rear deck on the 'Vikom' model would drop into a V-King. I think it might.

    So far, they have not exported any boats here. The owner indicates that he would like to find a dealer here in the States that could facilitate the import of these boats, however for we'll just have to wait and see if they make it here. It would be interesting to see if they could make and export items such as rear cowls for original HydroStream models. In any case, we should keep an eye on ALF because they continually updating their designs.

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      This is badass! Thanks for keeping the sport alive, Lucas!
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