• Vintage Offshore 1976 - "The Championship Chase: A Ride On The Wild Side"

    Periscope Film just posted this vintage film is full of fantastic footage and insights into what offshore racing was like back in 1976. The film shows races from a variety of locations as well as interviews with racers and an up-close look at what was considered a cutting-edge offshore boat back then.
    Included are boats most of us know from racing history as well as the catamaran Kudu, which was the only cat running against the classic V-bottom boats. The Kudu, which was previously named ZIPPE cost $1.5M ($4.3M today) was funded by industrialist Paul M. Cook, and featured then revolutionary honeycomb composites to keep the hull strong and light. Kudu was piloted by Paul's wife, Betty.

    Dive in and enjoy!
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