• Randy Corson's Latest Fully-Custom Liberator 22 is Expectedly Stunning

    From Bare Hull to Green Monster in Six Weeks

    Everybody on Scream And Fly has known 'The Wildman' Randy Corson from this site's very beginning over twenty years ago for his incredible custom paint and rigging work on the Liberator boats he creates and sells. As a Liberator boats dealer in Florida, Randy orders his boats as plain white hulls, then goes to work performing all of the painting and rigging by himself. This boat's matching interior is made by Premier Performance Interiors in Sarasota, FL.

    Rigged with a Mercury Racing 300R, this green beast will run over 110 MPH with ease, and a 600-watt stereo rounds out this incredible package. For those customers of his that want even more speed, a 450R will certainly satisfy that need. With Mercury Racing having just introduced the brutally powerful 500R, I think we won't have to wait too long to see one of Randy's Liberators run near or over 130 MPH.

    If you want one of these very unique, custom boats, or if you just want to see more of Randy's custom boats, you can visit his website: Liberator Boats of Florida.

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    1. InjectorService's Avatar
      InjectorService -
      Amazing boat. I want one of these in the worst way.
    1. davidson02's Avatar
      davidson02 -
      Best drywall company in Owensboro
    1. Haggus900's Avatar
      Haggus900 -
      The stuff dreams are made off,
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