• Southern Outlaw Dragboat Association Lake Butler Race Photos

    Bennie Brawley's Complete Photo Coverage

    The Southern Outlaw Dragboat Association's Lake Butler races continue to attract new racers for what is quickly becoming a major event to attend for boat enthusiasts in Florida whether to race or spectate. As expected, the attendance was high, with fantastic photo coverage by photographer Bennie Brawley.

    Please click images for larger view.

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    1. cliffy's Avatar
      cliffy -
      GOOD turnout, lots of nice boats, Nice shots. Thank-you
    1. Divine Caritas's Avatar
      Divine Caritas -
      Great looking boats.... Thumbs up
    1. 1961Cobra's Avatar
      1961Cobra -
      huge field great looking boats, lots of different designs high in the water, V bottoms so fast they are lifted with air. well done event organizers, participants, mechanics, team supporters, and photographers !!
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