• Mercury Racing Reveals Ventera High-Performance Propeller

    A New 4-Blade Design for Powerful Outboards Pushing Heavy Performance Boats

    FOND DU LAC, Wis. (Feb. 14, 2023) – The new Mercury Racing® Ventera propeller is designed to handle big outboard horsepower on the fastest high-performance center consoles, day cruisers and bay boats. Exclusive to the Mercury Racing Profile Series, this four-blade propeller was engineered specifically to carry more load with greater efficiency at high speeds and in semi-surfacing applications. It’s especially effective when paired with Mercury Racing V10 400R and V8 450R outboards equipped with the 5.44 HD gearcase.

    “As the power-to-weight ratios have increased, along with boat size and weight, Mercury Racing determined it needed to develop a successor to the popular Revolution 4® XP propeller for these applications,” said Nick Petersen, Mercury Racing Performance Propeller Manager. “Our engineering team developed an entirely new blade profile with increased diameter and created a new blade thickness curve that can handle more power without sacrificing performance.”

    Blade diameter is increased from 14.625 inches to 15 inches. This additional blade area helps the prop carry more load at speed. With more diameter the Ventera propeller can also perform at semi-surfacing engine heights that may cause the Revolution 4 XP to lose grip on the water.

    The all-new blade profile was also carefully refined and thickened at strategic points to increase durability without sacrificing acceleration. Efficiency at cruising speed is also enhanced, and the Ventera prop can hold the boat on plane at lower speeds in rough water.

    In head-to-head testing using a Fountain 38 Center Console boat powered by triple Mercury Racing 450R outboards and 25-pitch props, the Ventera delivered 10 percent better fuel economy and 2 MPH more speed at 4000 RPM, accelerated from 30 to 70 MPH 5 percent quicker, and reached a top speed of 85.5 MPH, 2.3 MPH faster than the Revolution 4 XP.

    The Mercury Racing Ventera propeller is available in half-inch increments from 18 to 27.5 pitch for precise tuning of any application. Each prop is hand finished and zero-balanced by Mercury Racing propeller artisans. Choose the hand-finished performance of a Mercury Racing Pro Finished® model or step up to the race-spec perfection of a Mercury Racing Lab Finished® propeller. The Flo-Torq HD modular hub kit is available for boats running over 65 mph. The Mercury Racing Revolution 4 XP will remain in production from 13 to 17 pitch in one-inch increments, and remains a great choice for single and twin-engine boats capable of speeds up to 60 mph.

    Learn about the Mercury Racing Wide Open lifestyle and all Mercury Racing high-performance products at Mercuryracing.com.

    About Mercury Racing
    Based in Fond du Lac, Wis., Mercury Racing, a division of Mercury Marine, is a leading provider of high-performance marine propulsion systems for discriminating boaters worldwide, offering an exciting and fulfilling power boating experience on the water. Using leading-edge technology, Mercury Racing produces high-performance outboards, sterndrives, propellers, parts and accessories. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corp. (NYSE: BC), the world’s largest manufacturer of pleasure boats, marine engines, and accessories.
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