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    Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design Included Free with Tunnel Boat or Vee Boat Design Program Order

    Those of us that really like to get into the understanding and details of all aspects of boat performance will probably know Aeromarine Research and their Tunnel Boat Design Program and Vee Boat Design Program. If you want to really gain a full understanding of the dynamics that affect many aspects of your boat's performance, this is the only software of its kind to do so.

    The included book, Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design is a great companion to the software. I read this book and found it enjoyable and interesting. While technical in nature, it will not bog the reader down with excessive data sets, but rather it is easy to read and understand and it flows very well. Now that winter is coming, this is a book you may want to check out.

    Years ago we did an extensive evaluation (view here) of the Tunnel Boat Design Program using our STV Euroski as a model within the software to provide detailed data on the effects of weight changes as well as more in-depth analysis on the results of hull changes. The variables that can be modeled are endless, and it's a lot of safe fun to experiment and create virtual models of your boat to calculate all handling characteristics.

    During that evaluation of the TBDP, the software accurately delineated very fine details of our STV throughout its speed range all the way up to 120 MPH. As an example, the TBDP indicated a relative instability around 80 MPH that would level itself out at 85 MPH, which was indeed the case for our boat. We could see what changes would be necessary to address that, and potential consequences in other areas such as top speed. You can really spend a lot of hours within the TBDP just having fun with it while you're actually understanding very granular aspects of hull dynamics. Insights into this kind of data analysis could also provide valuable insights into increasing safety at all speeds.

    "Secrets of Tunnel Boat Design©" book, 13th Edition
    (ISBN# 1-894933-30-3) - The most advanced publication on tunnel hull design, how a tunnel hull works, detailed explanation of design and setup for tunnel boats, power cats, or modified vee hulls, including calculations. By well-known powerboat designer, builder, author and race-driver, Jim Russell. Full of information, with over 200 pages, and over 160 photographs!

    For detailed information on the Tunnel Boat Design Program and the Vee Boat Design Program, visit the Aeromarine Research website.

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